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I’m testing out this new template and trying to get things to go where I want them to. It’s frustrating because things keep poping up that I didn’t click on (I don’t think I clicked on that) and I don’t know how to get rid of them. I think it may be that my computer is not up to the task of working with this template, which is really sad since my computer is less than a year old.

Anyway, I am testing out this upfront template and trying to learn how to design things with it. I think it sounds like a good idea and maybe when I get past the “but I didn’t click on that” stage I might like it much better.  Once that happens I can create some real content for this site. But until then, I think the content in this template might disappear if I switch to back to a normal template. 

I don’t like THAT either.

And I don’t think my clients will like disappearing content either. It must be there somewhere… in some form that could be backed up and restored should they decide to leave me.

My content? What? I thought I was typing my content up above…

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